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Information and References

Wascosa / Tatravagonka

A new special tank wagon for the transportation of sulphur dioxide,
seen here in a freight train near Wiesental on 18.12.2010.
GRILLO from Duisburg has hired 80 of these wagons from WASCOSA,
which were built in 2010 by TATRAVAGONKA
(Photo: Wolfgang Mauser, added 18.03.2011).

EST contributes to the innovative safety package of this wagon
with the Supra Buffer type G2-100 MB,
the anti-climbing module AC04 and the overroll protection UE01,
all of which are proudly highlighted on the vehicle with a bright orange livery.
Another feature of this advanced safety concept, which received the
fitting name "Safe Tank Car ®" from WASCOSA,are the derailment detectors
from KNORR-BREMSE, amongst others, equipped as a standard
(Photo: Wolfgang Mauser, added 18.03.2011).

A WASCOSA "Safe Tank Car ®" is seen here in Großkorbetha,
while being allocated to its next freight service
(Photo: Jens Schuricke, added 18.03.2011).

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