THE EST CRASH BUFFER - Information and References on the EST Crash Buffers G1, R1 and X1

Information and References

Real accidents of vehicles with EST Crash Buffers

Diesel locomotive

Accident of a a four-axle diesel locomotive Vossloh Class G 1206 from a large European leasing company. The vehicle was protected by the EST Crash Buffers type G1-200 M.

(Photo: EST, added 12.06.2009).

Accident between a four-axle diesel locomotive and a freight wagon in spring of 2007. The vehicles collided at approximately 18 km/h of speed in a curve. Hence, the crash function of just one EST Crash Buffer was triggered. Subsequently, the component deformed in the planned manner and prevented any structural damages from both vehicles. No derailment occured.

Side view of the deformed EST Crash Buffer G1-200 M
(Photo: EST, added 21.05.2007).

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