THE EST CRASH BUFFER - Information and References on the EST Crash Buffers G1, R1 and X1

Information and References

Spectators' comments on the EST Crash Buffer


(Photo: EST)

Comments and remarks made on the EST Crash-Buffer (mostly translated from German), complete or extracted, from spectators who have seen the EST Crash-Buffer, and spontaneously expressed their impressions:

"The Airbag made from steel!"

"Ç'est génial! Simplement génial."

"Banana buffer"

[after long silent inspection:] "I like it."

"Like a tin can!"

"...and then this tears up there."

"Can't be, that's 10mm of steel?!"

"The first thing that came to my mind: Looks as if someone dipped a dandelion stem into water. As if copied from nature... Childhood memories!"

"Like the crumple zone of a car. Good when it's there, but hopefully one never needs it."

"Such things are groundbreaking. This can be applied with little effort. I like this."

"This is the future!"


(Photo: EST)

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