THE EST CRASH BUFFER - Information and References on the EST Crash Buffers G1, R1 and X1

Information and References

Cisalpino / SBB Re484 (Bombardier TRAXX F140MS)

Cisalpino Re 484 016 in Kiesen on 10.03.2007
(Photo:, Daniel Schärer, added 10.06.2007).

Cisalpino Re 484 015 arriving in Spiez, 13.04.2007
(Photo: EST, added 16.04.2007).

Cisalpino Re 484 014 departing from Spiez on 13.04.2007, heading for the Lötschberg tunnel
(Photo: EST, added 16.04.2007).

Cisalpino Re 484 018 next to E656 431 at Domodossola border crossing station on 17.04.2006
(Photo: Daniel Schärer, added 11.05.2006).

An unlikely encounter of two Bombardier locomotives in Thun, Switzerland,
on 07.11.2005: Re 484 017 with the Eurocity 132 (Cisalpino "Borromeo") Milano - Basel train on the left,
and CFL 4009 in the background, while on experimental duty for Bern local commuter train service.
Both locomotives have EST Crash Buffers
(Photo:, Daniel Stadelmann, added 14.02.2006).

Re 484 017 shown here with its new livery in Wichtrach, Switzerland, on 30.09.2005, now on duty
by Cisalpino for regular border-crossing passenger transportation between Italy and Switzerland
(Photo: Daniel Schärer, added 14.02.2006).

SBB Re 484 015 with Cisalpino EC 132 passes Blausee Mitholz station in Switzerland on 27.12.2005
(Photo: Daniel Schärer, added 14.02.2006).

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